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Investigative Journalism Seminar
6.30 pm New Academic Building Room 107 10 Feb, 2010
The seminar ‘Tax, Financial Secrecy, and In... read more


Reporting during War Times
10.30am-12pm Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building 13 Feb, 2010
How the great correspondents of the past managed ... read more


NGO and photography conference
10.30-5pm Main lecture theatre, London College of Communication 10 Mar, 2010
The Third Frame: visual imagery and the represe... read more


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NGO and photography conference

one_world_media 10.30-5pm Location: Main lecture theatre, London College of Communication Date: 10 Mar, 2010

The Third Frame: visual imagery and the representation of the majority world

This one day conference at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, in collaboration with OPEN-i, POLIS at the LSE and One World Media, will address the problematic relationship of visual imagery and the majority world, focusing specifically on the interactions between practitioners, NGO’s and their audiences. The conference will include presentations from filmmakers, photographers, academics and NGO staff and will seek to critically engage with the stereotypes of development and the possible alternatives to them.

The conference will explore the shift from the two traditional approaches to the coverage of development issues, either that of the journalist or of the fundraiser, towards a emergent  ‘third way’, where practitioners and charities work much more closely together, producing longer term bodies of work that question the stereotypes of simplistic media coverage of tear jerking crying children. However, there is a tension in this relationship, as the approaches of professional practitioners do not always align with the desires of the NGO’s, raising important questions about this new ‘advocacy’ approach and its implications for the independence of the practitioner.

Presentations will include Ed Kashi, Professor Lilie Chouliaraki LSE, professor David Campbell of Durham university, Jessica Crombie of Water Aid, Olivia Arthur of Magnum, Rachel Palmer of Save the Children, Jennifer Pollard of LCC, Ben Chesterton of  Duckrabbit and filmmaker Sandhya Suri. There will be a ‘world café’ style session over lunch for debate and discussion. POLIS Director Charlie Beckett will chair the final plenary session of the day.

Places are limited so please rsvp to

Keywords: ethics, policy, imagery, NGOs