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SuperMedia: Saving Journalism

Supermedia: Saving JournalismSuperMedia: Saving Journalism So It Can Save The World by Polis Director, Charlie Beckett is the first detailed manifesto for "Networked Journalism" based on Polis research and debates. SuperMedia surveys the new media landscape, outlines the crisis facing journalism and the opportunities on offer for a radical new relationship between the media and the public.


Journalism matters. There are fewer hotter topics in media than the fate of journalism and new media in our rapidly changing world. Smart and controversial, this timely book explores the potential for a entirely new type of journalism which these, discusses the impact of social networking sites and blogs on traditional journalism, and makes the case that journalism could be the catalyst for change needed to solve many of the world's problems. Drawing on his credentials as a first class broadcast journalist, Beckett provides a practical roadmap for identifying the issues and solutions that will ensure an open and reliable news media for generations to come. A lively, engaging and refreshingly-opinionated text, "SuperMedia" offers an informed discussion on the importance and future of liberal journalism as a healthy part of a flourishing society.


'This is a strongly argued, well-sourced, knowledgeable piece of work, informed by Beckett’s time working on news and current affairs programmes at both the BBC and Channel 4 television. It is the most sustained and enthusiastic endorsement of citizen journalism I have read, displaying a faith in the power of journalism allied to that of an active citizenry'.

John Loyd, Contributing Editor, Financial Times

'Charlie Beckett provides a serious but accessible introduction to the challenges facing contemporary journalism, intellectually and professionally. Presenting an argument for the importance of journalism in society, whilst also recognising the impact of business and technology on that contribution, Super Media will be invaluable to media students wanting a cutting-edge survey from an experienced and reflective practitioner.'
Adrian Monck, Head of the Department of Journalism and Publishing, City University, London

'The idea and practice of networked journalism needs this thorough examination and this manifesto in its favor. And I second Charlie Beckett's contention that we in the news business and in society need networked journalism not just to protect but to expand journalism's future.'
Professor Jeff Jarvis, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and blogger

'Charlie Beckett knows the business from the inside, and in Super Media it shows. A powerful analysis of the great challenges facing all of us, whether reporters readers, bloggers or viewers. Read it, and act!'
Jon Snow, presenter, Channel 4 News

'This important book charts a course through journalism's current crises of Trust, Economics and Technology and points to a way of reconnecting with a broad social purpose.'
Richard Sambrook, BBC News

Table of Contents

Introduction: "": Why We Must Save Journalism So that Journalism Can Save the World.

1. "Help! Help! Who Will Save Us?": The New Media Landscape.
2. "Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No! It's SuperMedia!": Networked Journalism.
3. "Will Nobody Do Anything to Help?": Networked Journalism and Politics.
4. Fighting Evil: Terror, Community, and Networked Journalism.
5. We Can All be Super Heroes: Networked Journalism in Action: Editorial Diversity and Media Literacy.

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