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David A

Vodoo Histories: From Protocols to 9/11
6.30-8 Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building 07 May, 2009
On the 7th May, David Araonovitch , an award-win... read more

Prof Paul Collier

Opening up ‘Illiberal’ Regimes
6:30-8pm Old Theatre, Old Building 19 May, 2009
SPEAKERS: Professor Paul Collier, Professor Mary ... read more


The Future of Picturing the World
6:30-8pm New Theatre, East Building 03 Jun, 2009
Faced with ‘compassion fatigue’, how ... read more

Prof. Castells

Communication Power
6:30-8pm Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building 09 Jul, 2009
The event marks the launch of Manuel Castell... read more


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Silverstone Fellowship Fund Gets £100,000 boost

POLIS is delighted to announce that the Silverstone Fellowship Fund has been given a starting gift of £100,000 by the London School of Economics.

The Fund is set up to honour Professor Roger Silverstone, the former convenor of the Media and Communications Department at the LSE, who died unexpectedly in the summer of 2006.

It was Roger who was the inspiration behind POLIS. One of his ambitions was to set up a fund to reward Excellence in Global Journalism. The POLIS Fellowship will allow a journalist to come and study a topic of importance to international journalism and society at POLIS at the LSE.

If you wish to contribute to the Silverstone Fund - here's the link:

Silverstone Scholarship in Global Media

This Scholarship is awarded annually to one person in honour of the late Professor Roger Silverstone, former Head of the Media and Communications Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The scholarship is awarded through POLIS, the media and society think tank in the Department. The Scholarship, worth £5,000, will run from October 2008 to October 2009.

This Scholarship is awarded to one candidate annually for a year and aims to attract individuals from either/or one of the following backgrounds. The first is a foreign journalist based in London, from a developing country, and with a demonstrated interest in academic research in global media research and debate. The second is a foreign student, with a media background and currently enrolled in a post-graduate degree at the London School of Economics. The candidate will have a strong aptitude for high quality research and will be expected to draw on his or her own expertise, supplemented by research and interviews, to produce a report for POLIS. He or she will also expected to contribute - where appropriate - to carry out occasional teaching in the Department and the POLIS Summer School.