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Prof Paul Collier

Opening up ‘Illiberal’ Regimes
6:30-8pm Old Theatre, Old Building 19 May, 2009
SPEAKERS: Professor Paul Collier, Professor Mary ... read more


The Future of Picturing the World
6:30-8pm New Theatre, East Building 03 Jun, 2009
Faced with ‘compassion fatigue’, how ... read more

Prof. Castells

Communication Power
6:30-8pm Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building 09 Jul, 2009
The event marks the launch of Manuel Castell... read more


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Representations of Suffering in the Media
By: Professor Lilie Chouliaraki, LSE Professor and Research Director of POLIS

LSE Professor and Research Director of POLIS, Professor Lilie Chouliaraki has recently written three articles on representations of suffering in the media:

Children's Media: More Harm than Good?
By: Professor Sonia Livingstone, LSE

The LSE's Professor Sonia Livingstone recently delivered a lecture on the impact of children's media. Read the text of her speech.

The First Web Election: Aussie rules
By: Charlie Beckett and Tim Watts

Check out Charlie Beckett and Tim Watts's piece in Press Gazatte.

Networked Communications and the case of Kosovo
By: Laura Kyrke-Smith

Read Laura Kyrke-Smith's account of the impact of networked communications in Kosovo.

Information Intervention and the Case of Kosovo
By: Laura Kyrke-Smith

To read Laura Kyrke-Smith's report on international intervention in Kosovo's media, recently published in Knowledge Politics Quarterly, click here.

Crossing Boundaries

Click here for the latest POLIS report by the LSE's Robin Mansell and POLIS Director Charlie Beckett on new media and networked journalism.

In Defence of Frenzy: Reporting Terror
By: Charlie Beckett

To read POLIS Director Charlie Beckett's contribution to the Guardian Comment is Free click here.

Development, Governance and the Media: the Role of the Media in building African society
By: Charlie Beckett

Development, Governance and the Media: the Role of the Media in building African society, a report edited by Charlie Beckett and Laura Kyrke-Smith. The report is available to download as a pdf here. Please if you require a hard copy.here

The Media and Africa: Doing Bad by doing 'good'?
By: Charlie Beckett

To read POLIS Director Charlie Beckett's contribution to openDemocracy.net click here.

Crossing Boundaries
By: Charlie Beckett

To read Media and Communications department Professor Robin Mansell's speech to the UN General Assembly, click here. You can also listen to the webcast.


Killing Journalism
By: Charlie Beckett

The report of the POLIS 'Killing Journalism' conference is now available. This report summarises a day of events looking at war reporting, with key figures including the Guardian's Managing Editor, Chris Elliot, and Rodney Pinder, Director of the International News Safety Institute. The event was kindly sponsored by the BBC College of Journalism.

POLIS Director Charlie Beckett outlines the motivations behind this report: "POLIS believes that by improving the safety for journalists in conflict zones we can improve journalism; and by debating the issues involved we can improve public understanding and encourage wider critique of war making in contemporary society".

To purchase a copy please The report can also be downloaded here as a PDF.

POLIS in India: Media Leaders Roundtable Report
By: Charlie Beckett

POLIS Director Charlie Beckett has recently returned from India, where POLIS hosted the Indian Media Leaders roundtable. In the report that follows, Charlie Beckett sets out his views on the state of the Indian Media. While the Indian News Market is financially secure and rapidly expanding, "there is need for greater media literacy among Indian journalists, and increased pluralism and grass-roots development", he argues.

The Indian Media Leaders roundtable was part of the LSE Asia Forum.

The report can be downloaded here as a PDF.

The Media in the West Bank
By: Amanda Nunn

A selection of photos by LSE student Amanda Nunn is available here.

The Future of News
By: Charlie Beckett

POLIS Director Charlie Beckett's reports of the third and fourth seminars on the Future of News, bringing together a wide range of journalists new media entrepreneurs, are now available for download:

Property and Profit: Independent Online Journalism

The Politics of Online Journalism

Click here for details of past events.

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