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Industry's leaders debate the future of internet

LSE Campus Date: 25 Jan, 2010

Leaders of internet and telecommunications companies met at Polis on January 25th to debate the key policy and technological challenges for the coming years.

The Internet is rapidly evolving and has mutated in the space of a decade from a static information source to a dynamic organism. In the future its shape will be dramatically different, as the online space moves even further to the centre of almost every aspect of our lives.

One of the key issues facing all online providers is the extent to which the rights of users should be protected and enhanced. Can users themselves be empowered to take greater control of their information? Recent controversies over new policies and practices also show that policy agendas and market pressures may collide on issues around privacy,  security, and end-user autonomy.

This very special discussion with the leading internet and telecommunications companies identified the key policy and technological challenges for the coming years. Innovation in this space is dramatic. The companies that took part in this fireside chat are the buzz of the marketplace, and are constantly developing new devices and new platforms that substantially influence the online world.

Richard Allan, Director of European public policy, Facebook
Kasey Chappelle, Global Privacy Counsel, Vodafone
Alma Whitten, Privacy Engineering Lead, Google
Usama M. Fayyad, Open Insights

Gus Hosein, Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management

Keywords: internet, law, policy, industry