"The lack of creative commitment and the failure to translate promises about international coverage into meaningful actions means that British television is sleepwalking towards a global switch off"
Phil Harding,The Great Global Switch-Off International Coverage in UK Public Service Broadcasting

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Richard Porter

LSE Media Group Networking Event
09 Mar, 2009
The purpose of this social event is to provide an... read more

Ed Richards

The Future of Telecoms
6.30-8 New Theatre, East Building 16 Mar, 2009
In sponsorship with Hanover Communications , O... read more


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The Future of Telecoms

Ed Richards 6.30-8 Location: New Theatre, East Building Date: 16 Mar, 2009

In sponsorship with Hanover Communications, Ofcom Chief Executive Ed Richards will outline the future challenges for telecoms in an era of significant technological and economic changes, and as policy-makers increasingly highlight the growing role of communications services.

Ed Richards is chief executive of Ofcom. Prior to this he was senior policy advisor to the UK prime minister, for media, telecoms, internet and e-government.

This event is free and open to all but space is strictly limited. To register or request more information email polis@lse.ac.uk

Media queries: please contact the Press Office if you would like to reserve a press seat or have a media query about this event, email

For directions to the Old Theatre, East Building please click here.