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What is Financial Journalism for? Ethics and Responsibility in a time of Crisis and Change: A Polis Report

Financial Times_photo Date: 15 Nov, 2008

Financial journalism is undergoing fundamental shifts at present due to market, regulatory and technological changes and now the Crash. Led by Dr Damian Tambini of the LSE Media and Communications Department, POLIS has launched the two year in the making  report, "Journalism as a Social Compact: The Rights and Duties of Financial and Business Journalists". Through interviewing a range of journalists, financiers and regulators, the report aims to investigate  the role and responsibility of the news media in reporting the markets. It describes the ethics and practice of a sector of journalism that was going through profound ethical, commercial and editorial changes.

Following this, on Monday 23rd February, Polis will hold an event, "Why did nobody tell us? Reporting the Global Crash of ‘08" with Sir Howard Davies of the LSE Chairing. To find out more about this event please click here.