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Jeremy Hunt MP on the future of Digital Britain
6 - 8.30pm LSE, exact location TBC 17 Nov, 2009
Jeremy Hunt , Shadow Culture Secretary, will be ... read more

Fischer Tatham

Reporting Conflict: The Media and Gaza
6:30pm-8:00pm Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE 25 Nov, 2009
A representative from Al Jazeera, and a Lieutena... read more

Bill Roedy

MTV, Music Media and Morality
6.30 - 8pm Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building,Lower Ground Floor, LSE, 30 Nov, 2009
This event will look at the relationship between ... read more

Lindsay Hilsum

Reporting the Rwandan Genocide
5-6.30 New Theatre, East Building, Houghton Street, London School of Economics 01 Dec, 2009
In partnership with the LSE Arts Programme and&... read more


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Recasting the Net Round Two: Recasting Power

Charlie Elphicke Date: 17 Sep, 2009

Blogging, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter are all having a huge impact on modern politics - but how well are our democratic institutions responding? Are online tools more effective than traditional methods of holding power to account?

Recasting the Net: Recasting Power was the second of three live and online public series curated by Polis and Channel 4/4ip's Team, designed to explore and discuss the next phase of the web and the social and political implications of a public newly empowered with 21st century tools.

Speakers: Charlie Elphicke, Conservative Prospect MP for Dover, Cllr Paul Tilsey, Charlie Beckett, Director of Polis and members of Birmingham's political and digital community.

A video of the event will appear here.