The media provides the resources we all need for the conduct of everyday life.
Roger Silverstone

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Jeremy Hunt MP on the future of Digital Britain
6 - 8.30pm LSE, exact location TBC 17 Nov, 2009
Jeremy Hunt , Shadow Culture Secretary, will be ... read more

Bill Roedy

MTV, Music Media and Morality
6.30 - 8pm Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building,Lower Ground Floor, LSE, 30 Nov, 2009
This event will look at the relationship between ... read more

Zoe Williams

The Polis Media Dialogues: Media and Identity
5 - 6.30 pm East Building, Houghton Street, London School of Economics 31 Dec, 2009
This year’s Polis Media Dialogues presents ... read more

Evgeny Morozov

Digital Democracy and its Discontents
12.30 - 2pm Room D202, Clement House, LSE 12 Jan, 2010
Evgeny Morozov is a contributing editor to Foreig... read more


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Whistleblowers and Mischief-Makers: The Ethics of Scandal

Lcc Logo Date: 21 Nov, 2008

ICE aims to bring together academics, professionals and campaigners from a range of disciplines in the field of communications to share interests and highlight ways of improving standards. Issues to be explored at the conference might include

• The history of scandal coverage in the media
• Case study analyses of media coverage of scandals
• Handling scandal coverage: the dilemmas of PR
• Handling scandal: journalists’ perspectives
• Corporate scandals: how managements respond
• Scandal and the ethics and dilemmas of whistleblowers
• Law and the rights of whistleblowers
• Sex, sleaze and celebrity scandal: the dumbing down debate
• The politics of scandal: feminist and Marxist approaches
• Law and scandal: is a new privacy law emerging ‘by the back door’?

Keynote speakers include:

“Reporters, Priests and Gossips: Unravelling the Gay Conundrum in the Church”
Michael Ford, writer and reporter/presenter for BBC Religion and Ethics and BBC World Service.

“Spinning tales: How PR deals with journalists' scandalous needs”
Simon Goldsworthy, Senior Lecturer in Public Communication, University of Westminster.

Those interested in presenting a paper to the conference should send 200-word abstracts to the ICE conference co-ordinators, Richard Lance Keeble ( or Fiona Thompson ( by October 1. The conference co-ordinators will respond to all submissions by October 14.