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What is financial journalism for? Ethics and responsibility in a time of crisis and change

Financial Times_photo Date: 17 Nov, 2008

On Monday 17th November 2008 , POLIS will launch a ground-breaking research report on "Journalism as a Social Compact: The Rights and Duties of Financial and Business Journalists".

Dr Damian Tambini of the LSE Media and Communications Department, and his research team have been conducting a series of in depth interviews with senior financial journalists, and with leading financial PR executives, regulators, academic experts and other stakeholders. This report introduces a model of the rights and duties of financial and business journalists. It shows how journalistic privileges have been granted in recognition of the social function of ethical, responsible journalism, and examines the impact of current market and technological changes on the nature of those ethics and responsibilities.

Dr. Tambini and his team have also analysed ethical codes on financial journalism from the UK and the US, analysed existing research on the market impact of news, and conducted a series of pilot interviews with experts in the U.S. from Bloomberg, the Wall St Journal and other leading titles.

Speaking at the event is Ed Wasserman, Knight Professor in journalism at Washington and Lee University and Gillian Tett, Assistant Editor, Financial Times.

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